How It WorksAbout our installment loans

In order to receive a loan from Serendipity Lending you must reside full-time in the state of Utah at the time the loan agreement is made. For the duration of the loan agreement, including any extended payment plans, the laws of Utah will govern the loan disbursement, repayment, and all other provisions contained in the loan agreement.

Acquiring a Loan

  1. Create an account
    Each Serendipity Lending account requires a mobile phone in order to verify account ownership and to e-sign loan documents.

  2. Tell us about yourself
    In order for us to make a decision on your loan, you will fill out the required personal information.

  3. Select the loan
    If this is your first loan with us, you will select an amount of money and a number of biweekly payments. All installment loans are repaid through payments made every fourteen days.

  4. Review the application
    We will review your loan application, immediately. If necessary, we will send you a request for additional documentation. If we approve your loan request, you will log into your account, review the loan document, and e-sign it. If we deny your application, you will receive an email from us.

  5. Fund your account
    For all approved loans, once we have received your signed loan document, it may take up to one full business day for us to transfer your loan funds into your account.

Making Loan Payments

Loan payments are realized through an ACH or an E-check debit entry of your bank account on the date your payment is due. We will do our best to send a reminder via text and/or email about payments due. If you do not have the funds to make a payment, you can, prior to the date of your payment, request a loan extension.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions about your loan, please contact one of our loan specialists at 1-800-853-5921.